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This month's Make & Take will include two different fiber arts activities! The main project is a trendy yarn wall hanging; and for those with a bit more time on their hands, we will also be making friendship bracelets to celebrate being back in school!

Saturday, August 18th from 10:30am - 3pm.

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Jellyfish Suncatcher
Come with us as we go under the sea and make jellyfish! We will make faux stained glass jellyfish out of construction paper and tissue paper! Your kids will love making these bright colored creatures and will be so excited to display them in a window! 
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July - Make and Take 

AHH! Its a bug!!! 
Come join us as we make different insects! We will be using watercolor resists to create bright vibrant bugs that you won't mind bringing into our house!!!
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Filipino Parol

In the Philippines, during the Festival of Lights, the traditional bamboo and paper parol (puh-roll). or star lantern symbolizes the victory of light over darkness as well as hope and goodwill. All throughout the festival season, star-shaped lanterns can be seen hanging outside homes and along the streets of cities and small provincial towns, farms and fishing villages. Around Manila, parols made of Capiz shell or plastic illuminate the city. One of the most spectacular sights can be seen in the city of San Fernando where 20-foot tall parols with flashing lights are paraded through the streets on truck beds.

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