Open Studio Policies

Prairie Arts Center: Open Studio Information

Prairie Arts Center (PAC) provides Open Studio space for our current members, in order to give them the time, space, and resources to work on individual projects. We welcome you to meet new people, explore new skills, and pursue your individual interests with this self-guided time! Please read through the information and guidelines below. By signing up for Open Studio, you agree to the guidelines outlined below.  Please read them carefully.  PCA members who fail to abide by these rules may be asked to not attend Open Studio.

General PAC Hours of Operation:

Tuesday-Thursday: 9:30 am9:00 pm
Friday: 9:30am – 6:30pm 
Saturdays: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed


Open Studio is intended for adults (18+). Youth 9-17 may participate in 2D and Ceramics Open Studio, but only if they are accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult guardian who is also participating in Open Studio. Open Studio is not a drop off activity. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide adequate supervision to their participating minor at all times during Open Studio hours.

2D Open Studio Guidelines & Information 

Hours - 2D Open Studio are the same as our General Hours of Operation, but access to space is not guaranteed.  Classes and other scheduled activities take precedent over Open Studio.  Please check in advance.

  • 2D Open Studio is free for all current members of PAC.
  • To gain admission to 2D Open Studio, members must show their membership card to the front desk assistant, and sign in/out on the Open Studio sign-in sheet.
  • If you have a family membership, a parent and her/his children may attend the Open Studio together. Parents are responsible for the direct supervision of their children at all times; if this rule is not followed, children may not participate in 2D Open Studio.
  • 2D Open Studio participants will be assigned to whatever space is appropriate and available; this space may rotate depending on the day and other classes held at the center.
  • Spray paints may not be used at any time; participants may not employ any potentially toxic chemicals. If you have questions about materials, please talk to a PAC staff member.
  • Artwork may be left for up to one week to dry, and a staff member will find a safe space for your work. However, PAC is not responsible for any damage or loss of artwork left at the center.
  • Pieces not collected within 7 days of completion will be considered abandoned and may be discarded and/or sold to support the PAC scholarship fund.
  • No supplies will be provided. Supplies may be purchased in The Art Shop if needed.
  • The PAC is not responsible for injuries sustained by PAC members during Open Studio.
  • Participants are expected to keep their noise level down so they do not disturb others. If you wish to listen to music, please use earbuds

Open Studio participants must clean up after themselves. PAC members who are unable to follow this essential rule will be barred from attending 2D Open Studio.

Ceramic Open Studio Guidelines & Information

Hours: Tuesday thru Friday: 11:00am-6pm

            Saturday: 1:00pm-3:00pm *Additional time may be scheduled with a staff member of PAC

  • Participant must be a current member of PAC
  • Fee: $40/month including one 20 lb bag of clay
  • Monthly fee starts at the beginning of the month. It is only good for the month. However, you may purchase $8/hour open studio time.
  • Open Studio is open to students currently enrolled in one of our Ceramics classes, or to students that have already taken our Intro to Pottery course or have equivalent experience. If you are a new to our facilities, but are an experienced potter, we will meet with you to complete a safety check before you have access to the studio. 
  • To gain admission to Open Studio, members must show their membership
    card to the front desk assistant, and sign in/out on Open Studio sign in sheet.
  • Ceramics Open Studio is not intended for production work; it is intended to be for independent creative work on personal projects.
  • A ceramics studio monitor will be available for answering questions, but she/he is not an official instructor.
  • The ceramic studio monitor’s requests and instructions must be followed at all times to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • Participants must carve their name into every work of art they make.
  • Glazing instructions must be read carefully and adhered to.
  • No outside clay or glazes are allowed.

Ceramic Open Studio time includes clean up. Participants must leave their workspace clean and ready for the next person before signing out.  PAC members who are unable to follow this essential rule will be barred from attending Ceramics Open Studio.


Ceramic Studio Safety                                                                                              

  • Participants are not permitted to open, add, or remove pieces from the kilns.
  • Personal music devices are allowed when used with headphones. Please be respectful of others and keep the volume at a considerate level
  • We strongly recommend that jewelry be left at home. Working with clay usually
    demands that rings and watches be removed.
  • The PAC is not responsible for items lost during Open Studio times.


Ceramic Studio Upkeep                                                                                           

For the benefit of all patrons, we ask that participants leave their workspace in the condition they found it at the beginning of their Open Studio session. Please help us maintain our facility by washing clay off your hands in the classroom sinks (not in the rest rooms) and by placing clay scraps in the appropriate recycling bucket (not down the drain). The ceramics studio monitor will need to approve that your area is clean before you may check out at the Front Desk.

  • Cover and place work on assigned Open Studio shelves for storage.
  • Wipe down work area and tools.
  • Clean all parts of the pottery wheel, as applicable.
  • Place stool on top of wheel head.
  • Place pedals on top of the base.

Bags of Clay                                                                                                                

  • The monthly open studio fee for ceramics includes one 20 lb bag of clay. Additional clay can be purchased for $1/lb. 
  • Outside clay is not allowed.
  • Clay may not be taken home and brought back for firing.
  • All clay is stored in the clay room and must labeled with a sticker provided by the ceramics studio monitor. All clay bags will be labeled with the current date; after 60 days your clay will be reclaimed if it has not been used.

30 Day Firing Policy                                                                                                   

Fired pieces must be picked up within 30 days of the final firing. All bisqueware and glazeware will be marked on the bottom in graphite with the date they are removed from the kiln. Pieces not collected within 30 days of this date will be considered abandoned, become property of PAC, and may be discarded or sold to support the scholarship fund. Fired pieces may only be picked up from a ceramics studio monitor during Open Studio hours.

Additional Information for All Open Studio Participants 


All lockers are the property of SCA. They are available on a first come/first served basis. Locks left on overnight will be subject to removal. Items taken from lockers are not the responsibility of management. Please do not use the lockers marked Staff.

Disability Access

Stillwater Center for the Arts is wheelchair accessible. Please advise the Center’s Manager of any special accommodations that may be required. If students are in need of any special accommodations for access, they should advise their instructor or SCA staff.


All Participants Must Sign Yearly.

By signing up for Open Studio, you agree to the guidelines outlined above. PAC members who fail to abide by these rules may be asked to not attend Open Studio.

I ­­­­­­­  _______________________________________(member name) agree to abide by the Prairie Arts guidelines for Open Studio.  I understand that if I fail to follow these rules, my Open Studio privileges may be revoked.