Porch Portraits Gallery

Rebek and Byrd family

Rebek and Byrd family, Bridget, age 51 -  Eric, age 47 - Stella, age 18 - Miles, age 15 - Iris, age 15 - Julian, age 12

Bridget: Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Instructor and…

Nelson Family

Cameron, Sales at Wilson Chevrolet, 38, Sherryl, Assistant Registrar at Northern Oklahoma College, 39, Sheron, 62, Camdon, 9, Camble, 4, Camber, 5mos.

Zeide-Horn Family

Anna Zeide (36), Justin Horn (35), Nancy Zeide-Horn (6.5), Mira Zeide-Horn (5)
History Professor (Anna) and Philosophy Professor (Justin)


von Alt-Miller Family
Exa von Alt, 35  
Douglas Miller, 43
Kit Miller, 2
Laura Arata

Laura Arata, 36
Occupation: Professor at Oklahoma State University

Welch Family
Ginger (48), Forrest (54), Addy (10), Lola (dog)
Occupation:  Psychologist/professor
Harris Family - Grammy Camp

Harris Family - Grammy Camp

Howell Family
Gretchen Howell, 41- Sean Howell, 41- Reese Howell, 10- Graham Howell 9 

Gretchen- Brand Manager, Keystone Food Service- Sean, Mortgage Loans, Great Plains Bank

Ansley Family

Teresa (age 60) and Jim (age 66) Ansley

Pence Family

Jared and Cara 
Ethan (12) Wiley (10) Elizabeth (8) Pence

Norwood Family

Philip(40), Autumn(40), Annie (10), Denver (6), Lily (3) Norwood. 

Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Brown 67 (and dog Dusty)

Modella Art Gallery

Cylene Walker-Willis, new board member, dance; Rigby Summer, board member, Monday@Modella; Mo Wassell, board member, art; Valerie Bloodgood, founder.

Hall Family

James Hall 36 -Elementary Teacher, Rahmah Hall 34- PA
Kaysan Hall 7 and Maliyah Hall 1

Tully & Hanan Family

Stephanie Tully, Nurse at the Stillwater Cancer Center
Dennis McGrath Jr, Water Treatment Plant Mechanic for the City of Stillwater
Jace & Jadlynne Hanan

Beck Family
Elizabeth & Cate Beck (48 & 10)
My oldest Daughter and her husband were in town with their new baby girl. Matt, Shelby and Caroline Freeman.
Prairie Arts Center Staff
Prairie Arts Center Staff

(Left to Right) Missy and Hank , Meghan and Luna B , Jen and Arjuna

Peeper Family
​Bill and Autumn Peeper, 46 and 42
BreAnna Peeper, 16 years old  and Mason Peeper, 12 years old
Long Family
Paula Long, 51, librarian, Jim Long, 51, research biologist
Sarah Long, 21, college student and Anna Long, 19, college student 
McLean Family

Bill McLean 59, Beth McLean 56, Charley McLean 23, Matthew McLean 17
3 wonderful dogs- Yuki, Coco, Sunny

Kay and Kevin Bjornen

Kay and Kevin BjornenI am a librarian and Kevin is a retired engineer with way too much time on his hands.
As we discussed this morning, I am coping.  Some days better than…

Bliss Books and Bindery

Bliss Books and Bindery
Roger Mullins and Bliss, greeter-in-chief

Rachele Salvini

Rachele Salvini - 26

Stillwater Martial Arts

Alex Evers, Martial Arts Instructor and business owner

Prince Family

Prince Family - Jeremy 43, Sabrina  43, Johnny 14, Frank 12, and Abigail 8 

Jen Johnson

Jen Johnson, Arts Education Coordinator, 48

WorkIT Co-Working Center

WorkIT Coworking Center, Kristen and Brittany Hadley
Founder and Community Manager

Allen and Caitlin

Allen is a Plumber at a local company. Caitlin is an Adjunct Professor in NREM and just started as an Academic Advisor in biology (OSU).

Angela Jones and Kaitlynn Walters
Angela Jones 38, Office Manager at Stillwater Tag Agency
Kaitlynn Walters 19, OSU Student & Retail Associate at Goodwill
Tully Family
Steve Tully - 68 yrs old, Retired, Teresa Tully - 64 yrs old, Retired 
Shay Goodwin-Tully - 12 yrs old, 6th grade SMS student
Doris Mikolajczyk

Doris Mikolajczyk, 66 11/12-year-old Grandma

Horton Family
George, Megan, Mattie, and Tate Horton.
Ivey Familly
Toni and Dustin Ivey – both 43
Vivien 9, William 6, Henry 3 and Buddy Love (5 yo german shepherd)
Looper Family
Chris Looper 37 Senior Administrative Assistant, Emily Looper 37 Lab technologist
Maverick 8 and Aurelia 6
Kinnick Family

Priscilla, 76, retired teacher
Tom, 77, retired USN and teacher

Lara Family

Marli (10), Riley (3), Sarah (35)

Jenn Johnson and James Stone

Jenn Johnson (29) and James Stone (37)

Sutherland Family

Edwin Sutherland, Jennifer Sutherland, Hayden Sutherland (15) Oliver Sutherland (11)
Edwin – DDS – Stillwater Periodontal CenterJennifer – Office Mgr – Stillwater Periodontal Center

Mo and Todd Wassell
Mo and Todd Wassell, both 67
also Bodhi, Ellie, Whiskers, & Kitty (ages unknown)
McElroy and de Araujo Family

Cat de Araujo (36), Bret McElroy (38), Isabel McElroy (5), Cecilia McElroy (3)