Instructional Open Studio - March 2021

The pottery studio will be open to Instructional Open Studio students that have completed an Introduction to Pottery class. Students may reserve space via in 3 hour time slots up to 3 times a week, cost is $10 per 3 hour time slot. When signing up please include date, day of the week and time slot. Refunds are available if cancelled 24 hours in advance so that we have time to fill the open spot. Available time slots are:

March  Time Slots:

Tuesday 1-4pm & 5-8pm

Wednesday 1-4pm & 5-8pm

Thursday 1-4pm & 5-8pm

Saturday 10-1pm & 1:30-4:30pm

Only three students and an instructor or PAC staff member will be allowed in the studio at a time. Students with reserved time slots must enter and exit through the pottery studio door. We then will separate times slots with a timeframe for cleaning the studio and bathrooms. Students and instructors/staff will be required to wear a mask at all times, no exceptions.

Alternatively, students may purchase clay from PAC only to create at home. We will have the cart at the front desk for drop off and pick up of produced work and work that has been bisqued and glazed. You may drop off and pick up any time during open hours, but will not be able to enter the studio unless you have reserved a time slot. Students must include a small note saying which glaze was used.

To keep our community and studio safe we will no longer be reprocessing or making clay. We will have a buff colored clay for purchase. This will mean that cost of clay could go up, but it will still include all fires and glaze if you choose to use the studio glaze.

Students will need to bring their own hairdryer and we will ask that you use your own tools and strongly discourage sharing tools. PAC tools will not be available for use during this time. You can bring your own towel or if you use one of ours, you will need to spray it down outside to remove clay and to dry in the sun.

Our goal is to have bisque and/or glaze fires loaded and started once a week. Please try and be patient with us as we try to stick to a schedule, we will need to have a full kiln in order to fire so delays may happen. Feel free to call us to see if a kiln has been unloaded.

Notes on glaze firings:

If you re-glaze a piece please understand that pieces that have been newly glazed will have priority. 

If you have multiple pieces to be fired they may not all get fired at one time. We will try to make room for pieces from multiple students. 
To RSVP please fill out our registration form here or call us at 405-744-1535.