Stillwater Arts Festival 2023

Charles Sherman - Scuplutre

Charles Sherman - Scuplutre

Los Angeles, CA
My work is inspired by a lifetime study of ancient civilizations, world cultures and religions. My philosophy of life and art has always been the same: to promote the positive.

I create sculptural forms that express the concept of infinity, especially the three-dimensional Möbius ring and tetrahedron inspired forms.

To make my Möbius ring sculptures, I work in clay using the most primitive sculpture tools, and hand-build using coil or slab construction. Sometimes I apply glass mosaic to the ceramic or transform the work into bronze or stainless steel.

My most recent body of work, the Miracle Towers, are intuitively designed and are inspired by the tetrahedron geometric form and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. The welded stainless steel towers may be hand-brushed, patinated or covered with mosaic of materials such as glass, ceramic, agates, Swarovski crystals, sand dollars and ancient 400 million year-old ammonite fossils.