Drop-in Linocut Workshop: Community Collaboration with Jude Tolar

Drop in to participate in this community collaboration linocut workshop! Each participant will be assigned one 4X4 inch square section of a 16X20 inch block of linoleum to carve. Imagery for the workshop has been provided by local artist Jude Tolar, whose piece “Sunflower Power” will be used as a template for carving. Each section of the block will be a unique take on Tolar’s pastel painting, and our printing assistant, Jenn Johnson, will be available to demonstrate various carving techniques. At the end of the workshop the entire block will be printed by Johnson, and each participant will receive one signed black and white print from the edition. Carving time will take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours per section, and example imagery will be provided to help guide participants. Workshop is for all ages; however carving tools are very sharp so artists under 13 years of age will require parental supervision. 
April 23rd – May 4th
Tuesdays thru Fridays 3-8:30pm, and Saturdays 10:30-3:30pm
Drop in during Final Friday Art Crawl on April 26th! 

Price: Free for members, $5 per 4X4 inch section for non-members. Carving tools will be provided.


Community Collaboration with Jude Tolar