Intoduction to Photoshop

07/14/2018 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Saturday, July 14th from 11:00am - 3:00pm - Youth Workshop 
In this course students will learn how to create an event poster / flyer / or advertisement using Photoshop.
The topics we will cover include:
How to crop, cut, and merge images
How “layers” work 
How to change colors, contrast, and the opacity of photos
How to add and manipulate text

Jesse Couturier-Herndon is a painter, draftsman, sculptor, and educator who currently teaches several Painting, Drawing, and Design classes at Edmond Memorial High School.
As a young man he was greatly influenced by his high school art teacher, Andrew Lark, who instilled in him a passion for art and opened his eyes to the impact art exploration can have on people's lives.  
Jesse was born and raised in Mississippi, received his BFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design and completed his post-baccalaureate in K-12 Art Education at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Georgia.  He has subsequently taught at several schools in Georgia, Florida, and Oklahoma, while continuing to work professionally as an artist.  
​Jesse’s aspiration is to develop better ways of making art, and creative ways of teaching those techniques to future artists. 
12 yrs old and up 
Course Dates: 
Saturday, July 14th from 11am - 3pm 
Short break will be provided. 
$30.00 members, $40.00 non-members 
Experience Supplies:
Some computer experience is required. ( experience with web surfing, typing programs, and email )  When complete, students need a way to "save" their advertisements (a thumb drive, on Google drive, or the ability to email yourself files, please double check and make sure you remember your email's password before arriving)

To register please fill out our
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