Tunde Darvay: Free Workshop

Prairie Art Center, Friday, February 8, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Participants will create their own paintings as the artist walks them through the process of priming, sketching, carving, sanding, and applying coats of acrylic paint and varnish to the supplied wood pieces.


"In this workshop, I will offer an overview of how my stle and technique as an artist have evolved over the course of the last 15 years from the time I received B.A. in art. I tell the story of how I found my way as an artist, including finding a suitable range of topics and developing my own style of painting featuring unique handmade wood frames and broad palette of colors. The workshop will also give a glimpse into the various stages involved in the creation of a finished painting from the intial selection of the material paint on, to the process of priming and sketching, to the actual painting, and finally to application of the finishing coat of varnish that makes the colors come to life in their full intensity and saturation. I will explain how my initial passion for painting on found boards and furniture pieces,  which often came with stories of their own, has developed into growing interest in adapting my technique to illustrating childern's books and collections of poetry." - Tunde

Tünde Darvay’s paintings are inspired by the unique rural landscapes of Transylvania, Romania where she was born, mythological stories, interpersonal relationships, the relationship between the human and the animal world, and personal stories shared by friends. “My aesthetic worldview is profoundly mythical – it depicts a world in which color breathes life into inanimate things in order to create playful, suggestive associations along a broad spectrum of themes and forms.

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