Art Under Glass - Pastel Workshop with Jude Tolar

Learn to see and render glass and other reflective subject matter.

Clear glass may seem an elusive subject. Its transparent or translucent nature can, however, be translated to paper or canvas when you know how to look and see.

In this workshop you will learn to see the unique–and sometimes subtle–visual information of glass subjects. This information will help you create the forms in your artwork.

We’ll work from life with various objects, using careful observation of light and dark values, hues, edges and more. We’ll study and paint clear glass and colored glass. Glass subject matter will be provided. You are also welcome to bring a glass object you are interested in painting.


I’ll demonstrate with pastels each day, and work one-on-one with each artist.

Instructor's name
Jude Tolar, PSA*, IAPS/MC**

*Signature Member, Pastel Society of America
**Master Circle artist, International Association of Pastel Societies

Course Type
Two Day Workshop

Class Time
Friday, March 29th, 9am-4pm
Saturday, March 30th, 9am-4pm

$125 members, $150 non-members


Please see the supplies listed here.

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