Prairie Arts Center

Dear Community Members,

We would like to share some exciting news with you! Effective April 20, 2018, we will be changing our name to Prairie Arts Center: an OSU-City of Stillwater Partnership for the Arts.  The title Stillwater Center for the Arts was very similar to the name of another arts organization here in town, which was causing confusion.  Prairie was chosen because it speaks both to our Oklahoma home and the style of our architecture.  Our mission remains the same: we will continue to provide high quality arts programming to all members of the Stillwater community, supported by our partnership with the City of Stillwater and Oklahoma State University.


Since opening in September 2017, we have been busy offering classes, camps and workshops for adults and children. We have also purchased a lot of new equipment and made minor renovations to the space.  Based on your feedback, over the next year we will grow our programming for preschool aged youth and add more one and two day workshops for adults. Over the last seven months, it has been wonderful to witness an outpouring of creativity from adults and children in our community!

We are working diligently to increase the quantity and quality of our offerings, and as such we are excited to announce the opening our new jewelry studio this month!

In order to bring more attention to our local artists, we are introducing “Pop Up Art Shops,” which will happen the third Friday and Saturday of every month, coinciding with the Food Truck Fridays and Saturday Farmers Market. Our current Art Shop will become an art supply store and installation space. We hope that the new Pop Up Art structure increases support for our local artists who need a venue to share and sell their work. 

Thank you for your support and understanding!  We will continue to set up new studios and provide high quality arts programming for all ages.  Please share your suggestions with us, and if you have old or used art supplies feel free to bring them by the center anytime!




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