Intro to Screen Printing - Art Partner

This class will introduce you to basic of screen printing. You will learn techniques and tools necessary to use our studio facilities as well as a crash course in Photoshop and transparency photo printing to render images for screenprinting. There are many possibilities with screenprinting hand-drawn images and digital images, so come prepared with some broad ideas of what kind of imagery you want to make and be ready to take notes. Once you have completed this class, you can schedule time in the print studio on your own.

Bianca Prade is an independent artist and graphic designer currently living in Stillwater OK. They spent time in New Mexico working on their undergraduate degree with a focus in printmaking and their favorite method of printmaking is lithography.

Course type  
Art Partner 

Class time  
7-hour class, scheduled per student

$175 members; $200 non-members

16 years old and up 

All ink and screenprinting materials are included. Each student will need to provide their imagery. Students may keep the screen to use in an open studio after class. 

To RSVP, please fill out our registration form here or call us at 405-744-1535.