Art Partners

Prairie Arts Center is committed to developing and supporting interest in and exploration of the visual arts. As a part of that commitment, we offer students aged 13 and older the opportunity to partner with a working artist in our community for instruction and guidance here at the center. If you or your child have an interest or talent in a particular medium, we can help find a mentor that is knowledgable and skilled in that same medium. This includes drawing, painting, ceramics, printing, digital photography, fiber arts, and graphic design. To begin, we offer an Introductory Art Partner Package to establish rapport and basic skills. After that class is completed, students can return for study as they wish. Scheduling would be contingent on artist and student availability.

Classes are arranged between Prairie Arts Center and the adult student or, for children 13-17, the student's parent or guardian. Classes are for individuals or pairs, and pricing is per hour, based on the number of students. Most supplies are included in the cost of classes.

For more information please call 405-744-1535 or email at