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The Stillwater Arts community invites you to join us for a weekend of festivities at the annual Stillwater Arts Festival on April 19th and 20th, 2024. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors and textures as you wander through the displays of over 50 talented regional artists, each showcasing their unique vision and style. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a foodie, a music lover, or a family looking for a fun weekend outing, the Stillwater Arts Festival promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Regional Artists

Food Trucks

Making Activities

Live Music

Student Exhibition


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Regional Artists

Jill Calvert - Jewelry

Hand-formed polymer clay jewelry enhanced with Pan Pastels, inks, powders and foils. Various techniques used include skinner blend, Mokume-gane, caning, texturing, and weaving.Hand-formed polymer…

Kathy Kauffman Shann - Jewelry
Kathy Kauffman Shann - Jewelry

Sterling sheet, some gold, semi precious stones, sterling chain.
my silver pieces are hand sawed, rocks and shells are sawed and ground on my equipment. I solder my pieces or use cold connections.

David Billen - Photography/Digital Art

Art photography consisting of large format to small canvas, custom framed prints, matted prints. Wildlife, cityscape, farm related, etc... All photos taken within the state of Oklahoma.

Sally Brandon - Fiber/Leather

I weave jackets, jewelry, blankets & wall hangings from the ground up; buying alpaca & wool from regional farms & having the yarn spun in Kansas to create heirloom, one-of-a-kind,

Mary Lou Christie - Jewelry

Jewelry is forged using precious metals with traditional silversmithing techniques. Gemstones, fossils and enamels are incorporated. Texture is created by layering, stamping and rolling mill.

Tandi Memmott - Clay
Tandi Memmott - Clay
My pieces include both functional and nonfunctional stoneware fired to cone 6. Finishes include oxide washes, underglazes, and cone 6 glazes.
Kim Harrison - Mixed Media
Kim Harrison - Mixed Media

I paint primarily with alcohol ink on canvas or yupo paper. I also paint on tiles and make coasters. I also create earrings.

 Dennis Flores - Jewelry

Antique, vintage glass trade beads. Silver, brass and other metals with semi-precious stones Hand braided wax sinew cords. Silver, copper charms are hand stamped. Pendants, clasps some are hand made.

Nathan Hilisl - Photography/Digital Art

A mixture of alternative process, traditional film, and digital photographic techniques with a focus on rural Oklahoma landscapes.

 Rhonda Jennings - Jewelry

Wire-wrap & solder jewelry in sterling silver, copper, brass, with beads and natural & cut stones.

Kayla Ausmus - Painting/Drawing

I paint using gouache and watercolor on recycled/handmade paper. I incorporate things found in nature and in the garden to enhance the paper. Flower petals and blossoms are some of my favorites to…

Heidi Kemp - Jewelry

Violet Inspirations features natural stones meticulously wrapped and woven in sterling and fine silver and copper. Each piece is antiqued and polished by hand to highlight the weaving and give depth.

Lisa Lampton Allen - Painting/Drawing

I paint abstract paintings with acrylic paint layers applied with tools (trowels). I Start with spray paint or an airbrush, then tools and acrylics, and finally, acrylic inks.

 Kelly Langley - Photography/digital art

My digital processing workflow is similar to my darkroom approach with consideration of composition, HSL, & color harmony. Goal: to capture the image in a way that conveys the emotion I…

Dan Kemp - Jewelry

I resurrect antique silverware, lost and forgotten in dark and dingy basements, into jewelry suitable for the light of day. I am preserving history through re-purposing.

Regina Bowling - Painting/Drawing

I work with oil, paint, pens, oil, paint, enamel on wood or canvas. I work both in an illustrative style and also a classical oil painting style. I tend to choose nature themed images.

 Rob Duncan - Clay

I create functional dinnerware and decorative art using fired clay. My pottery includes but is not limited to mugs, plates, bowls, tumblers, oil bottles, spoonrests, and large serving bowls.

Mark Carter - Metal

Hand forged functional art pieces.

Fred Imhoff - Glass

Hand blown glass set on hand made silver wire.

Kurt McDaniel - Photography

Artistic nature and landscape photography printed on fine art canvas, and paper.

MJ Henderson Smith - Jewelry
MJ Henderson Smith - Jewelry

Hand crafted jewelry using a variety of materials and techniques including PMC, fused glass, sterling silver fabrication, turquoise, leather, misc. beads and stones

Caleb McGinn - Photography

I am primarily an HDR landscape photographer. I use a Sony camera and various editing programs to produce vibrant and colorful images on a variety of materials from photo paper to canvas and metal.

Jo Haven - Clay

White clay combined with mason stain to make agateware pottery. Wheel thrown shapes altered into sculpture.

Wiliam McReynolds - Painting/Drawing
Wiliam McReynolds - Painting/Drawing

I use oil paints as a medium to convey my life's feelings and experiences to the viewer. Nature inspires my work, from the shapes and colors to the sounds and textures to the tangible vitality of…

Bill Noelker - Jewelry

Healing through art. I am a disabled veteran who uses silver, copper and brass to create one of a kind wearable pieces of art. It is my hope to inspire others to discover the healing power of art.

David Silver - Wood
David Silver - Wood

Live edges wood construction.

Dave Stephens - Clay
Dave Stephens - Clay

My wheel-thrown pottery is often altered by designs cut by hand with an xacto knife, and/or sculpted with the addition of clay.Glaze recipes are my own creation, and applied in layers.

 Larry Tallent - Jewelry
Larry Tallent - Jewelry

Hand fabricated sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry with natural stones, all original and one-of-a-kind designs. Techniques include reticulation and granulation.

Rebecca and Roy Evanovich
One of a kind art vessels, thrown and hand built with firing techniques that include horse hair raku.
Don Tran Fiber/Leather

Artwork is hand stitched into black linen fabric so the vibrant colors of the silk threads stand out. Artwork is created from my mind. I start it by drawing outlines of image with gel pen, then with m

 Vincent Ur - Fiber/Leather
Vincent Ur - Fiber/Leather

Each mask is manually cut from leather and then hand shaped while the leather is wet. Once dry, it is sealed and then painted with acrylic paint. The mask is finalized by signing and numbering.

Ron Van Den Bussche - Wood

I am a woodturner that makes "Functional Art". My primary approach is segmented wood turning and much of my work is heavily influenced by southwestern pottery and basket weaving .

Michael Walker - Mixed Media

Hand-crafted pens, kitchen utensils, hummingbird houses

Jason Wallace - Photography

Single shot landscape images with dramatic lighting, mounted and framed on a solid backing. Development is performed with respect for the subject matter. All images printed at my home studio.

Laura  Weber and Tracie Carpenter -

We hand forge, emboss, stamp, texturize, anodize, and apply patina to silver, niobium, copper, and bronze to create three dimensional elements that we incorporate into our natural stone bead designs.

Virgil Penner - Painting/Drawing
Virgil Penner - Painting/Drawing

Use acrylic paint on canvas framed. I paint my paintings to have movement and are colorful bright. I paint from memory and not from photos by doing this I can be more creative in the process.

Jacquelyn Riggs - Jewelry
Jacquelyn Riggs - Jewelry

I cut, hammer, form, stamp and solder sterling silver into creative, simple and elegant earrings, rings and pendants. I set semi-precious stones in sterling silver and sometimes use gold to accent .

Owen Salisbury - Jewelry

I use saws, hammers, and stamps to create jewelry of silver or copper. I also cut my own stones.

Kerry McNickle - Clay

As a ceramics hand builder, I create a variety of items for everyday use as well as special occasions. Various glazing techniques allow me to create unique, individualized pieces of artwork for all.

James Litherland - Clay

Hand-built coiled and wheel-thrown pottery, uniquely carved. Some pieces display elements of nature mixed with abstract lines, while others are created with different textures that endure everyday…




Larissa Goddard - Sculputure Vendor
Larissa Goddard - Sculputure Vendor

I make personalized castings of the customer's hand. The casting is made from alginate which makes the entire process is very quick, fun, educational, & safe for all ages. Sculpture is solid…

Dorinda Hoke Painting/Drawing Vendor
Dorinda Hoke Painting/Drawing Vendor
Caricatures drawn live in black and white or color with professional markers.
Zielke, Prapapun - Fiber Artists / Vendor
Zielke, Prapapun - Fiber Artists / Vendor

I start with white pieces of clothing that made from 100% cotton. I dye the base color first, tie, and submerge in bleach. Then I apply dyes on bleached out areas, fixing dye, rinsing, and drying.

Kelly Schalk - Vendor

Handmade products created through sewing techniques.

Live Music

Friday, April 19th 

4pm - 4:45pm -  Nathen Franklin

5 - 6:15pm - Functional Polly

6:30pm - 8pm -  Val Gladden


Saturday, April 20th 

10:00am - 10:45am -   Goode Academy

11am - 11:45am - Cooper Kahler Duo

 12pm  - 12:45pm -  Mark Christian, Too Loose to Care

1pm - 2:30pm - Rachel Lynch & Griffin Wade

2:45pm - 4:15pm - Morgan

4:30pm - 6pm -  Steelwind


Student Exhibition

Hreinn Fridfinnsson Hulduklettur DetailTERRITORY is a student exhibition comprised of installations created and curated by Stillwater art students from Prairie Art Center's Art Academy, Stillwater Middle School, and Lincoln Academy. The exhibition will be displayed at Prairie Arts Center from mid-April to mid-May in conjunction with the 2024 Stillwater Arts Festival.

TERRITORY takes its inspiration from the work of Icelandic conceptual artist, Hrienn Fridfrinnsson- specifically, Fridfrinnsson's 2017 installation Hulduklettur (translated as Concealing Rock or Hidden Cliff). In this work of art, as in many of his works, Fridfrinnsson deploys an everyday object, in this case the cardboard box, to activate and challenge his audience to reconsider what they think they know.

Like Fridfrinnsson's Hulkuklettur, TERRITORY is a strange and “rugged landscape” of scattered boxes or "rocks" that you are invited to move around and through. If you move slowly and peer into the boxes, you will notice that they also contain objects and images. Each participating class was asked to consider some part of life that is experienced deeply but often concealed, put away, and saved for a trusted few. Students chose images and objects to place in the boxes, left open for us to witness, that represent these concealed but important feelings, experiences, and thoughts. Class members worked together to decide how to curate and install their cardboard landscape and wrote a brief description of their process.

Image from: MOAD - Hrienn Fridrinnsson: For the Time Being 



Making Activities

Friday, April 19th

1pm - 4pm FREE Art Making Activity

3pm - 8pm Tote Printmaking Free
Drop in and print a tote bag from our stencil collection!
You’ll use our pre-made stencils and screen printing ink to create your own design.

3pm - 8pm Raku Firing ($10 a bowl)
Prairie's pottery studio instructors and students have been making bowls for you to glaze using the ancient technique of raku. Instructors will be on hand to help you pick glazes, firing material, and to guide you through the experience. Raku pottery is not food safe. 

Saturday, April 20th
10am - 6pm Tote Printmaking
Drop in and print a tote bag from our stencil collection!
You’ll use our pre-made stencils and screen printing ink to create your own design.


Untitled design21

10am - 5pm Raku Firing ($10 a bowl)
Prairie's pottery studio instructors and students have been making bowls for you to glaze using the ancient technique of raku. Instructors will be on hand to help you pick glazes, firing material, and to guide you through the experience. Raku pottery is not food safe.

10am - 6pm FREE Making Activity with OSU Museum of Art
10am - 6pm  FREE Tattoo Screenprinting (not permanent )
10am - 1pm  Community Art Quilt Project with artist Vicky Berry
2pm - 5pm Paper Marbling with artist Molly Kaderka
  Food Trucks
Friday, April 19th
Saturday, April 20th

STONECLOUD BREWING is one block east on 10th Street.

GOOD LITTLE EATER is one block east on 10th Street.

Around Town

Stillwater Public Library Stillwater Public Library
Stillwater Public Library Friends Book Sale
1107 S. Duck Street
Friday, April 19, 12-8pm
Saturday, April 20, 10am-5 pm
Sunday, April 21, 1:30-4pm

OSU Museum of Art
New Echoes: Art Inspiring Art - Exhibition Dates: April 2 – 20, 2024

Reception: Friday, April 19, 2024 | 5 – 7 PM

Modella Art Gallery
Art Walk
April 19th, 5pm – 7pm
721 S Main St.

Stillwater History Museum
Heritage Day
Saturday, April 20, 2024


SHOP Downtown Mainstreet

Thank You  
Please help us in saying THANK YOU to our supporters. The City of Stillwater, Visit Stillwater, and the Arts and Humanities Council of Stillwater guided and supported us through the entire process of the festival. The Arts and Humanities Council of Stillwater provided dinner, lunch, and snacks for our artists throughout the festival. The City of Stillwater sponsored the music and organized all the entertainment. Local artists Mo Wassell and Jaqui Savage created our beautiful awards for our award winners. Mitchell Alcala volunteered his photography services for both days. BancFirst donated water bottles to the artists, volunteers, and staff. Hideaway Pizza donated lunch on Saturday for the artists. HTea0 provided tea for both days. Visit Stillwater awarded us a grant to go toward marketing material for the festival. Stillwater art students from Prairie Art Center's Art Academy, Stillwater Middle School, and Lincoln Academy and their beautiful "TERRITORY" exhibition.  And finally, last but not least, a big thank you to the students and instructors here at the Prairie Arts Center. They have stepped up and helped in many ways, and we appreciate all of their support. Our pottery studio instructors, interns, and students have thrown a total of 150 bowls for us to sell and Raku! Without all of this support, we couldn't have done it! THANK YOU!
2023 Recap Video 

All Images by Mitch Alcala Photography