Smart Plate Lithography - Art Partner

Learn the basics of lithographic printing using smart plates. Smart plates are polyester plates that allow for easier lithographic printing with cheaper, more accessible materials and minimal chemical processing. Come to class prepared with an image/composition in mind. You can hand draw on the plate or trace. Plates are approximately 7"x 6 to 12." This crash course in smart plate lithography will allow you to enter our open studio hours and continue your printmaking practice.
Bianca Ferreira is an artist and designer in Stillwater with a passion for printmaking. Bianca likes to dabble in all arts but excels most in printmaking, illustration and graphic design. They received a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of New Mexico, which is where they fell in love with printmaking—especially lithography. Bianca was selected to work in collaboration with student printers at Tamarind Institute of Lithography during their senior year. Their work was subsequently exhibited in the Tamarind Gallery's exhibition, Excavation: A Tamarind Student Exhibition. Bianca loves to initiate their students into the analogue world of printmaking, teaching methods that are at once age-old and contemporary. 

Course type  
Art Partner

Class time  
4 hours 

15 years old and up 

All materials included. 

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