Holiday Soapmaking

In this special holiday class, students will learn the basics of soap making! Working with local soap maker, Genipha Backoulou, students will caste their own soap bars, choosing from an array of ingredients and decorations. They will go home with 2 to 3 unique bars of hypoallergenic soap that can be used by them or given as gifts. 

Instructor’s name
In the summer of 2018, Genipha Backoulou, Stillwater local and owner and master artisan of Sabouine, moved to China, where she struggled to find bath and beauty products for her ethnicity and had to create new ones to cater to her skin.  One year later, Genipha used these learnings to create a toner for a friend with eczema who was seeking a better option. After trying the product, the friend returned and requested 10 more bottles. At that moment, Genipha recognized there were still many consumers, particularly those with sensitive skin, who were not finding bath and beauty products truly made for them. She launched Sabouine shortly thereafter with a mission to reach more consumers with natural, gentle products formulated with their needs in mind and from a brand they could trust. Genipha crafts Sabouine soaps with ingredients used by her ancestors, and the formulations have been passed on to her by her grandmother.  

Course type 
Kids Class
Class time 
Wednesday, December 14th, 3:30-5 p.m.

$25.00 members; $30 non members

All Supplies Included
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