Art Under Glass Supply List

Art Under Glass
Supply List
We’ll work from life for this workshop. Glass models will be provided. You are welcome to also bring any glass object that intrigues (or scares) you.
Please bring
--Soft pastels--as many colors as you have
--Nupastels—also as many colors as you have  
--Sanded paper  —I’ll have Art Spectrum ColourFix (in Aubergine and Burnt Umber colors) available for purchase, at my cost (about $10). Or you can bring your own ColourFix or other sanded paper, medium to dark colors.
Cut this to 9x12, 8x10, 11x14” sizes (you can do this at the workshop)
--Hard backing to put behind sanded paper on the easel (I use a 14x16” piece of gator board or foam core)
--Easel (Prairie Arts has some standing and table easels; or you can bring your own.)
--Masking tape (please, not blue)
--Aluminum foil
A piece 18-24" long, to put on easel tray to catch pastel dust
--Viva paper towels
Viva brand is the best, for its softness
For notes and any thumbnail sketches
--Drawing pencil (2B would be good)
     An old filbert or flat brush, 1/2” or so, for softening edges or removing pastel 
     An old 1 - 2” household (or flat) paint brush, for underpainting
--Cell phone, tablet, or camera
A portable light for your easel. Can be a clip-on or floor light. Preferably with daylight/color-correct bulb
Pastels and sanded papers
Soft pastels, Nupastels, and sanded papers are not available in Stillwater. 
In OKC, Porch School and Art Supply (near 50th & Santa Fe) carries some hard and soft pastels and sanded papers. (A great art supply place, by the way.)
In Tulsa, Ziegler’s carries some hard and soft pastels and sanded papers.
Or you can order pastels and sanded papers online: Terry Ludwig (, Dakota Pastels, 
Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, Cheap Joe’s.
Yes, soft pastels are expensive, but they last a very long time. And they're wonderful! 
If you can, get at least a few colors to try. 
1. Soft pastel brands:
Terry Ludwig                 Sennelier
Unison                           Great American
Schmincke                    Diane Townsend
Mount Vision                Girault
Henri Roche                  Holbein
Richeson Handrolled

Rembrandts are harder than most soft pastel brands, but will work.
I use mainly Terry Ludwigs and a smattering of the other brands. 
2. Hard pastel brands:
Gallery (not preferred but will do) 
3. Sanded papers:
I use mainly Art Spectrum's ColourFix paper, dark colors. I buy the large 19x27" sheets and cut them into smaller sizes. 
I'll have ColourFix large sheets on hand for the workshop, in Aubergine (cool violet gray) and Burnt Umber (warm dark brown). You can buy these at my cost. (Should be about $10 each.) You’ll need 1-2 large sheets. We’ll cut them to 9/12”, 8x10” 11x14” sizes at the workshop
You are welcome to bring your own paper, if you prefer; just please be sure it is sanded paper.
Other brands of sanded paper:
Some of these are light in color. Light-colored paper is not my preference, but you may like it. Or underpaint on it first, to tone it.  
        UArt (400 or 500 grit recommended)
Lux Archival
Pastel Premier
Ampersand Pastelbord