This activity is fun to prep for, as well as to do! To begin, gather leaves from your yard or a park that are of different sizes and shapes. Make sure to choose leaves that are freshly fallen so they will hold up to being pressed and painted. Once home, press them under a stack of heavy books for a few hours so they are nice and flat. Use acrylic paint to coat the veiny backside of the leaf. Flip it onto your paper and rub the topside to make your impression. In our examples, we also used a small amount of paint to brush out the outline of the leaf, leaving a negative image, as well as the positive imprint of the veins.

Art Prompt - leaf Prints .pngIMG_7634.JPG


Write about your childhood. What do you remember, what do you wish you could remember? What has changed, and what is a lesson you were taught? For example, I remember being told how to load a dishwasher "properly," that lesson is something I still use almost daily. Use a picture from your childhood to tell a story. There are many directions to go in telling your childhood story.


Childhood Journal Prompt .png

Happy early Halloween and early National Bat week (October 24-31)! Celebrate the season and these super-pollinators by creating one (or more!) to hang on your front porch. We are offering a free kit for pick up at Prairie Arts Center that includes supplies and a fun bat fact sheet. Come on by during our open hours to get yours: 12-8 Tuesday-Thursday and 10-5 Saturday. For more art activities and prompts, visit our Creative Classroom.

Practice drawing hands by sketching out your name in sign language! This activity gives you the opportunity to brush up on, or learn for the first time, the sign language alphabet. Do this one with the kiddos. They will love the challenge and, as in the case of Jack, may even decide to hang it on the door to their room.  Check out more art prompts on our creative classroom page.







Landscapes, Etc.
Supply List
Pastel Workshop with Jude Tolar, PSA, IAPS/MC*

-Please bring photos of landscapes
and other subjects that excite or puzzle you.
I’ll also have some photos you can use.

-Feel free to also bring an object(s) you’d like to paint.

-Soft pastels -- as many colors as you have
-Hard pastels – as many colors as you have
Yes, good pastels are expensive, but they last a long time. And they're wonderful! If you can, get at least a few colors to try.
-Sanded paper
Cut to 9x12, 8x10, 11x14 sizes or just bring and cut them at the workshop.
I will bring Art Spectrum ColourFix paper in burnt umber and aubergine AND UArt paper, 400-grit. You may buy these at my cost ($10 for ColourFix 19x27”; $5 for UArt 12x18” sheet), or bring your own.
-Hard backing to put behind sanded paper on the easel — a 1/2 sheet of foam core 16x20"
-An old filbert or flat brush, about 1/2” to 1” wide
-Masking tape
-Aluminum foil — a piece 18-24" long, to put on easel tray to catch pastel dust
-Viva paper towels — Viva brand highly recommended, for its softness
Prairie Arts Center has standing easels and table easels; but feel free to bring your own

Optional Supplies
-A portable light for your easel. Can be a clip-on or floor light. Preferably with daylight/color-correct bulb
-Sketchbook — for notes, thumbnail sketches
-Drawing pencil or pen
-Soft filbert brush


Sources and Recommended Brands

In OKC, Porch School and Art Supply (near 50th & Santa Fe)
In Tulsa, Ziegler Art & Frame (near Lewis & Admiral)

Or you can order pastels and papers online:
Terry Ludwig, Dakota Pastels, Dick Blick, Jerry's Artarama, Cheap Joe's

1. Soft pastels:
Terry Ludwig
Great American
Diane Townsend
Mount Vision
Henri Roche
Jack Richeson
Rembrandts — harder than most soft pastel brands, but will work

I use mainly Terry Ludwigs and a smattering of the other brands.

2. Hard pastels: Nupastel

3. Sanded papers:
Art Spectrum ColourFix in dark colors, UArt 400- or 500-grit for this workshop
Other brands:
Some of these are light in value. You can tone or underpaint them first.
PastelMat Pastelbord
LaCarte Pastel Premier

Think about what is working in your life.  For example, "a morning walk is working for me and helps get my day started. I enjoy how walking wakes my brain up." Another example is that my desk setup at home is working for me, and I can be more focused on daily tasks. Hopefully, this prompt helps you write down all the positives in your life. What are some things working in your life right now? Check out more Journal Prompts on our Creative Classroom.

Whats working f Journal Prompt 1