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Pop-up cards are a favorite at Prairie Arts Center. Here are a few pro tips for your pop-up project at home: Make sure you don’t cut your supports too thin or too long. You want them stable. Also, avoid making your cut-outs so big they break the line of the card when it’s folded. That one is less important if you don’t care about putting it in an envelope. Most importantly, be creative and have fun!

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The Stillwater arts community invites you to join us for a weekend of festivities at the annual Stillwater Arts Festival, April 21st and 22nd, 2023. Enjoy over 40 regional fine artists, delicious food trucks, live music and family friendly making activities. Find us at Prairie Arts Center in the thriving Downtown Stillwater Cultural District, 12-8 pm on Friday and 9 am-6 pm on Saturday.

Prairie Arts Center (Prairie) will present the 2023 Stillwater Arts Festival (SAF) on April 21-22, 2023. The festival is a juried show, offering awards totaling $3,000 and showcasing the creative and distinctive talents of nearly 40 national and regional artists. Once known as the “Run for the Arts,” the SAF has been a popular regional fine arts festival for over 40 years. The 2023 Stillwater Arts Festival will continue this event’s legacy as a fine arts celebration and an annual destination for both seasoned and beginning art collectors and enthusiasts. The Prairie Arts staff and the Stillwater community take great pride in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all artists and visitors.


Arts Festival Map 2


Untitled 767 150 px


Tandi Memmott - Clay

Stillwater, OK Most of my pieces are wheel thrown functional forms like bowls, mugs, and vases. I also make pieces inspired by nature, specifically rocks. These pieces are thrown as closed forms then…

Robert Cornman - Painting/Drawing

Lakeland, FLI consider myself an abstract expressionist trying to touch the observer with visual language. The art is set with rich vibrant colors and evolves with multiple layers of…

Ron Walker - Clay/Porcelain
Ron Walker - Clay/Porcelain

Stillwater, OK
My work is mostly wheel thrown stoneware.
Many of the clays and slips are locally sourced. Firng methods include raku, primitive pit firing, horse hair and crackle glazes

Dan Kemp - Jewelry

Ames, IADank Artistry resurrects antique silverware and holloware; lost and forgotten in dark and dingy basements into wearable works of art. I reincarnate these antiques into jewelry and sculptures.

S Brian Berkun - Photography

Centennial COMy process begins as I search across the country on the less used back roads for rusty relics and roadside attractions to make photographs of. My techniques vary significantly from image…

Vincent (Joe Don) Brave - Painting/Drawing
Vincent (Joe Don) Brave - Painting/Drawing

Pawhuska OKBorn in KC in 1965, relocated to OK at age 9, immersed within traditions of the Osage/Cherokee, until I left for college in Santa Fe and then to NYC to work at the Smithsonian, where the…

Kurt McDaniel - Photography

Midwest City, OK
Artistic nature and landscape photography printed on fine art canvas, and paper.

Dhruba Das - Painting/Drawing
Dhruba Das - Painting/Drawing

Stillwater, OK I primarily use watercolor, acrylic, and dry pastel in my works. I paint birds and landscapes. I also create conceptual pieces using Gouache and ink. Recently I found myself drawn…

Charles Sherman - Scuplutre

Los Angeles, CAMy work is inspired by a lifetime study of ancient civilizations, world cultures and religions. My philosophy of life and art has always been the same: to promote the positive. I…

Larry Tallent - Jewelry
Larry Tallent - Jewelry

Oklahoma City, OK
Handmade sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry with natural gemstones.

Jacquelyn Riggs - Jewelry
Jacquelyn Riggs - Jewelry

Tulsa, OK
I hand-make jewelry using Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones. I make rings, earrings and pendants. My style is simple elegance.

Mark Carter - Metal

Stillwater, OKMy name is Mark Carter, and I am the sole owner and operator of MC Iron Blacksmithing & Welding, an old-time blacksmith and welding shop in Stillwater, OK. My journey began in 1978…

Juan/Daniel Barreneche/Schemel - Mixed Media
Juan/Daniel Barreneche/Schemel - Mixed Media

Grand Prairie TXEach of our pieces is individually handcrafted using the most unique techniques and materials like stones, real flowers, corks, leathers, and recycled materials; our wooden cases go…

 Laura Weber and Tracie Carpenter - Jewelry

Garland TXWe draw the inspiration for our designs from the colors, seasons, and landscapes of nature and bring them to life using beautiful and vibrant stone beads and cabochons. Stone Chaos…

Candy Michalski - Jewelry

Stillwater, OK I have been making jewelry for 20 years and keep pushing myself with new techniques and designs. I take classes to continue to grow. It is so freeing to be able to make what I dream of…

Ron Mellott - Photography/Digital Art

Bloomington, IN
Limited edition photographs of nature: landscapes and macrophotography. 

Owen Salisbury - Jewlery

Warr Acres OKOur goal is to create high quality pieces of wearable art for people to enjoy, and cherish. A lot of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind, meaning you will never find another one like it. We…

Fred Imhoff - Glass

Topeka KS
Handblown glass set on custom sterling silver

Kayann Ausherman - Mixed Media

Haven KSI use a wide variety of materials, mediums, and techniques in my mixed media artwork. The art is created in layers to create visually textured, two dimensional artwork. Some of the most…

Akeem Ayanniyi - Wood

Santa Fe, NMAs a 9th generation drums maker, my drums are made from mahogany wood and goat skin while my baskets are made from sweet grass and leather handles. Grass are twisted and dyed before…

Regina Bowling - Painting/Drawing

Edmond, OK
I love what I do. When one of my paintings evokes an emotion, stirs a memory or makes you smile, I consider my work a success. 
I've worked as an artist since childhood with no…

Ashley Pertson - Clay/Porcelain

Stillwater, OKMy work is inspired by fluidity and texture. My ceramic vases are created by stacking separate angular ceramic shapes to create one vessel. I adhere abstract circular loops around the…

Jennifer Francis - Glass

Bartlesville, OKI layer glass on a kiln shelf and fuse it to one solid piece around 1400 degrees. After the glass is cooled, I cold work the glass and add more colors and repeat the fusing and cold…

David Silver - Wood
David Silver - Wood

Stillwater, OK
Live edge wood working. Sanding and epoxy resin for make pieces. Selecting other materials for embellishment.

Don Tran - Fiber/Leather

St. Louis MO
Artwork is hand stitched into black linen fabric so the vibrant colors of the silk threads stand out. Artwork is created from my mind. I start it by drawing outlines of image…

Ron Van Den Bussche - Wood

Stillwater, OK
I am a wood turner, primarily focusing on segmented wood turning but also do other types of wood working. I create "Functional Art".

Jean Newlin - Jewelry
Jean Newlin - Jewelry

Marysville KSMy jewelry is made primarily with gold, sterling, and some gold filled. I enjoy fabrication processes to work the metal into fluid organic shapes. Hammering and soldering are my…

Kayla Ausmus - Painitng/Drawing

Sand Springs, OKI use recycled material to create my artwork. I take scrap paper, and materials from my garden to create new pieces of paper. The flower blossoms and leaf clippings add beautiful…

Richard Bond - Glass

Ottawa Ontario Canada
My art is an expression of my love for nature and my fascination for the patterns and design forms revealed in the natural environment. From representational to completely…

Joshua Reeve - Wood

Joplin, Mo
I began turning wood in 2015 after taking a one day class at a local pottery studio. Shortly there after I found a used lathe for about $50 and started turning in the garage. Within a…

Sally Brandon - Fiber/Leather

Phillipsburg KSI create unique wearable art for individual women of distinction. I design from the ground up; working with local fiber producers to buy their best fiber, utilizing a small local…

Kathy Shann - Jewlery

Stillwater, OK
Lapidary and silver smith work, including silver and gold, Rocks, semi precious stones, and shells.

Janet Funk - Mixed Media

Guthrie OKI am a scratch board artist. By using a hard board that has a layer of white clay and then coated with a layer of dark ink. I am able to use a variety of sharp tools and fiber glass brushes…

Dorinda Hoke - Painting/Drawing
Dorinda Hoke - Painting/Drawing

Blue Eye MO
Caricatures drawn live in black and white or color with professional markers.

Andy Marion - Jewelry
Andy Marion - Jewelry

Albuquerque, NM
Handmade originally designed by Andy Marion.

Rebecca and Roy Evanovich - Clay/Porcelain

Iowa City, IA
One of a kind art vessels. Wheel thrown and hand built with firing techniques that include horse hair raku.

Dennis Flores - Jewelry

Marquette, KSMy Jewelry is designed by myself and Handmade. My collection of glass beads are from all over the world dating as far back as early 1800's. A large group of vintage are dated around…

Toria Hill - Painting/Drawing

Willis TXI create large, bold acrylic paintings using spray paint, acrylic ink, charcoal and found words and images. I rarely use a paintbrush but instead flood my canvases with layers of ink and…

Ashley Corbello - Drawing/Painting

Independence. MO
I weave together pattern and typography to present animals in a contemporary way.

Kerry McNickle

Stillwater, OK Ceramics are an outlet for the creative mind. Using various techniques to portray that creativity, I am a hand builder who uses my talent to create pieces of pottery that can be used…

Jason Wallace - Photography

Stillwater, OKDramatic light and atmosphere describes the essential mystery of how I see the world. This unfamiliarity strengthens the connection between 'here and there' & 'us and them.' The…

Prapapun Zielke - Fiber/Leather

Newton, TXI start with white pieces of clothing that made from 100% cotton. I dye the base color first, tie, and submerge in bleach. Then I apply dyes on bleached out areas, fixing dye, rinsing, and…


 Copy of Regional Artists Friday, April 21st

5pm - 6:15pm Misspent Ukes

6:30pm - 8pm Val Gladden


Saturday, April 22nd 

9am - 9:45am  Stillwater Pipe Bad

10am - 10:45am Goode Academy Irsh Dancers

 11am - 11:45am Mark Christian

12pm - 12:45pm Stillwater Big Band

1pm - 1:45pm Functional Poly

2pm - 2:45pm Nathen Franklin

3:15pm - 4:15pm Morgan

4:30pm - 6pm Val Gladden



image10I MADE ART is a small works exhibition of Stillwater elementary schools student art that will be displayed at Prairie Arts Center from mid April to mid May in conjunction with the 2023 Stillwater Arts Festival. I MADE ART takes its inspiration from conceptual artist On Kawara's decade long postcard series, I GOT UP. From 1968 to 1979, Kawara sent two postcards a day to friends and colleagues with a time stamp of when he "got up." Kawara's work is a meditation on time, existence, and the relationship between art and life. The subject matter and media of the work in I MADE ART was left open in hopes of revealing each student's personal relationship with art-making. In order to honor the process of making over the final product, this exhibition is not juried and will not be judged. The student artwork in I MADE ART is also time stamped with the time of day that they made their artwork so that each piece can be read as a marker of time itself, fleeting but embodied.






Friday, April 21st

5:30pm - 8pm Tote Printmaking Free
Drop in and print a tote bag from our stencil collection!
You’ll use our pre-made stencils and screen printing ink to create your own design.

4pm - 8pm Raku Firing ($10 a bowl)
Prairie's pottery studio instructors and students have been making bowls for you to glaze using the ancient technique of raku. Instructors will be on hand to help you pick glazes, firing material, and to guide you through the experience. Raku pottery is not food safe. 
4pm - 8pm Stilly Arts Henna Tattos ($10 and up) 

Saturday, April 22nd
10am - 6pm Tote Printmaking
Drop in and print a tote bag from our stencil collection!
You’ll use our pre-made stencils and screen printing ink to create your own design.

Untitled design21


1pm - 6pm   FREE Paper Marbling (while supplies last)

10am - 6pm Raku Firing ($10 a bowl)
Prairie's pottery studio instructors and students have been making bowls for you to glaze using the ancient technique of raku. Instructors will be on hand to help you pick glazes, firing material, and to guide you through the experience. Raku pottery is not food safe.

10am - 6pm FREE Making Activity with OSU Museum of Art
Details are coming soon!

Live Music 5

 Friday, April 21st




Saturday, April 22nd






STONECLOUD BREWING is one block east on 10th Street.

GOOD LITTLE EATER is one block east on 10th Street.

Live Music 1

Several parking lots close to Prairie Arts Center will be available for public parking during the Stillwater Arts Festival. Southern Woods Park has a lot on 11th Street between Hester and Knoblock. First United Methodist Church of Stillwater on Duck and 7th will allow public parking and the City of Stillwater Community Center has a small lot and parking spots that surround Block 34. Parking signs will be posted next to all of these lots. We have also partnered with Stillwater Martial Arts to provide van pick-ups and drop-offs. Look for van stop signs or the "karate" van driving around for a ride. 
Untitled design23


Live Music 4

bo3Buffalokie Market is proud to be a Made In Oklahoma program registered retailer. Most of our products are Oklahoma-made and all vendors are hand-picked by us. We've met many of our vendors at trade shows or craft fairs somewhere in Oklahoma. We'll be selling a variety of items we carry in our store, the vast majority of which is Oklahoma-made. Items include clothing and accessories such as hats, t-shirts/sweatshirts, purses, earrings and wallets; kid's stuffies; aprons and tote bags made from recycled materials; food products including spice blends, bbq sauce, salsa, caramels, dip mixes, coffee, and cotton candy; leather goods; body care products; kitchen items like swedish dishcloths, beeswax wraps, and charcuterie boards; and plant label stakes for gardening.



Alchemy Wellness Arts
We grow and wild harvest herbs and flowers, distill them to make hydrosols and essential oils.  We use the hydrosols and oils to make body care like beard oil, balm, salves, and wellness blends.  All of our products are for topical use.






Live Music

Stillwater Public Library Stillwater Public Library
Stillwater Public Library Friends Book Sale
1107 S. Duck Street
Friday, April 21, 12-8pm
Saturday, April 22, 10am-5 pm
Sunday, April 23, 1:30-4pm

OSU Museum of Art
Closing reception for the Painting Influencers exhibition.
720 S Husband Street
April 21st 5pm - 7pm

Modella Art Gallery
Art Walk
Live Band “Slapout”
April 21st 5pm – 7pm
721 S Main St

SHOP Downtown Mainstreet
Many of your favorite merchants will be open and offering sales.

 Live Music 7

Please help us in saying THANK YOU to our supporters. The City of Stillwater, Visit Stillwater, and the Arts and Humanities Council of Stillwater guided and supported us through the entire process of the festival. The Arts and Humanities Council of Stillwater provided dinner, lunch, and snacks for our artists throughout the festival. The City of Stillwater sponsored the music and organized all the entertainment. Local artists Mo Wassell and Jaqui Savage created our beautiful awards for our award winners. Mitchell Alcala volunteered his photography services for both days. BancFirst donated water bottles to the artists, volunteers, and staff. Hideaway Pizza donated lunch on Saturday for the artists. HTea0 provided tea for both days. Visit Stillwater awarded us a grant to go toward marketing material for the festival. The art teachers and students of our elementary schools (Richmond, Westwood, Sangre Ridge, Skyline, Will Rogers and Highland Park) made the beautiful "I Made Art" exhibition happen. And finally, last but definitely not least, a big thank you to the students and instructors here at the Prairie Arts Center. They have stepped up and helped in many ways, and we appreciate all of their support. Our pottery studio instructors, interns, and students have thrown a total of 150 bowls for us to sell and Raku!
Without all of this support, we couldn't have done it! THANK YOU!

Part vision board, part prayer flags, the inspiration banner is a beautiful expression of what you'd like to call in to your life for the new year. Consider words, symbols and images that are a visual reminder of qualities and experiences you want to see manifest. Your banner could be created with paper, like our example, or with pieces of fabric. You could collage, print, stamp, embroider, and/or paint your flags. No matter what materials you choose, this process will provide you with a non linear, creative way to clarify and work with your personal vision for the future!

Art Prompt - Mind Collage.png


Supply List  
We’re going to work from life and from photos in this workshop. You may bring an object you’d like to paint. Something simple would be fine.
Please also bring photos that interest (or puzzle) you. These can be any subject: landscape, close-ups, florals or still life. I’ll also have some photos you can use.
Feel free also to bring ideas, questions, works in progress. This is a forum for you.
Please also bring
—Nupastels or other hard pastels -- as many colors as you have (see below for sources). We'll use hard pastels for beginning stages of paintings and for detail work in later stages.
—Soft pastels -- as many colors as you have (see below for sources)
—Sanded paper (see bottom of email for sources. I will have some available for purchase. See info below.
       Cut to 9x12", 8x10", 11x14" sizes   or just bring and cut them at the workshop
—Hard backing to put behind sanded paper on the easel — a piece of foam core or gatorboard 16x20"
—An old filbert or flat brush, about 1/2" to 1” wide, for softening edges, removing pastel
—An old flat brush, about 1 1/2" to 2” wide, for underpainting
—Masking tape (preferably NOT blue, please)
—Aluminum foil — a piece 18-24" long, to put on easel tray to catch pastel dust
—Viva paper towels — Viva brand highly recommended, for its softness
        Prairie Arts Center has standing easels and table easels; but feel free to bring your own, if you prefer.
—Cell phone, tablet, or camera
Optional Supplies
—Portable light for your easel. Can be a clip-on or floor light. Preferably with daylight/color-correct bulb
—Sketchbook, for notes, thumbnail sketches
—Drawing pencil or pen
Pastels and sanded papers
Soft pastels, Nupastels and sanded papers are not available in Stillwater, unfortunately. 
In OKC, Porch School and Art Supply (near 50th & Santa Fe) carries some hard and soft pastels and sanded papers. 
In Tulsa, Ziegler’s carries some hard and soft pastels and sanded papers.
Or online: Terry Ludwig, Dakota Pastels, Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, Cheap Joe’s.
Yes, good pastels are expensive, but they last a very long time. And they’re wonderful! 
If you can, get at least a few colors to try. 
1. Soft pastel brands:
Terry Ludwig Mount Vision
Sennelier Girault
        Great American Richeson hand-rolled
Schmincke Daler Rowney
Diane Townsend Holbein
Unison Henri Roche
Rembrandts are harder than most soft pastel brands, but will work.
I use mainly Terry Ludwigs and a smattering of the other brands. 
2. Hard pastel brands:
Nupastels—the full set of 96 colors is ideal
Gallery (not preferred but will do) 
3. Sanded papers:
I use mainly Art Spectrum’s ColourFix paper, dark colors. I buy the large 19x27” sheets and cut them into smaller sizes. 
I’ll have ColourFix large sheets available at the workshop, in Aubergine (cool violet gray) and Burnt Umber (warm dark brown). You can buy these at my cost (about $10 each). You’ll need 1-2 large sheets. You can cut them to 9/12", 8x10” 11x14" sizes at the workshop.
You are welcome to bring your own paper, if you prefer; just please be sure it is sanded paper.
Other brands of sanded paper:
Some of these are light in color. Light-colored paper is not my preference, but you may like it. Or underpaint on it first, to tone it.
        UArt (400-500 grit recommended)
Pastel Premier
Ampersand Pastelbord
—Thanks, Jude
Jude Tolar, PSA, IAPS/MC*

With very few supplies, make these adorable snow people to add to your collection of ornaments! All you need is 2 1/2 wine corks, a small piece of thin cardboard, some paint, two pom poms, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, two small eye screws, scissors, and glue. Some other possibilities for wine cork ornaments using similar supplies include toy soldiers, reindeer, angels, gnomes, and Santa. Use your imagination and see where it takes you!