Art Prompt - Memory Map A Walk

Memory maps are a great way to explore, document, and understand any experience, past or present. Today's prompt is another celebration of the much needed sunshine and warmth in Stillwater. Go outside on a walk and feel the warmth and sunshine on your skin. Go alone, with your dog, your family, your roommates or even a friend (remembering to stay six feet apart). Pay attention to the bends in the road, the flowers, the animals you see, the words you speak. When you get home, draw your experience. Don't worry about scale, just get down the parts that stick in your mind the most. Use words too if you want. In our example, you see a place on the path where a geode was found and cracked open. You see the "kawomp" of a stone being thrown in the ditch water. There's a heron, a butterfly, and, at the end, a rainstorm. You can leave your project as a drawing or you can trace the drawing in sharpie and watercolor over it. You could collage your map, use markers, or even photographs if you have a printer. Most importantly, of course, have fun and enjoy the sunshine and the joy of a walk outdoors!  

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