Art Prompt - Collaborative Zentangle Animal

Tired of puzzles but want something that scratches the same collective itch? Create a family-size zentangle! Start with an outline of a favorite animal on a large sheet of paper or, even better, poster board. From there, create some sections, large and small. In our whale example, we created lines on his underbelly and dots on his nose. Once you have your sections, place the drawing on a table and leave it out with fine tip pens so that passers-by can stop to draw their zentangle patterns. Zentangle is a playful combination of lines, dots, curves, and shapes that are repeated to create widely variant patterns. These patterns sit side by side and create a whimsical, textured look to any drawing. Pro tip: use permanent pens if you plan on using watercolor on your finished work. As always, have fun being creative together! For more art activities and prompts, visit our Creative Classroom.

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