Art Prompt - Sunprinting

This is a simple and rewarding way to experience the photographic process without all the mess and expense! And kids absolutely love it. There is such magic in the moment an image slowly takes shape on the paper. You will need to purchase the pretreated paper. You can find it at most craft stores and online. It’s often referred to as sunprint paper or nature printing paper. Jacquard brand also makes a fabric version if you want to embroider your image and/or incorporate it into a sewing project. The directions will come with the paper but the process is basic. You choose objects to create your image with (in our photos, botanicals, feathers, and old jars). Those objects are laid on top of the paper or fabric and placed outside so the sun can expose the embedded photo-chemicals. After exposure, you remove the objects and run the paper under cold water until the image appears. Et voila! This is one that will please all the hearts in your family?! For more art activities and prompts, visit our Creative Classroom. 

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