Art Prompt - Botanical Illustration

This is the perfect time of year to collect botanical specimens. They are out in abundance- in the backyard, along the roads, in our ditches and waterways, at parks, and in pastures. Go on a walkabout to find the most interesting plant you can find. We did that and came back with this gem- a wild allium, which is an edible plant in the garlic and onion family. Look at his crazy hair! And his fine colors! Once you’ve brought your specimen home, take some time observing it. If you don’t know what it is, do some research. Learn a few things about it. When you’re ready, draw it. Start with a light pencil sketch and then fill in the colors. Look close and notice that its stem is not just green, but yellow too, and maybe a little white. Consider yourself not just an artist, but a scientist too, documenting every detail you see! For more art activities and prompts, visit our Creative Classroom.

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