Journal Prompt - I have witnessed kidness..

Journal Prompt - I have witnessed kindness ...
This week's prompt has me thinking about ways we show kindness during this COVID19 time period. I want to remember those kindnesses. It's an excellent reason to WRITE something down to remember later. Here are just two examples of the kindness that I have witnessed. Every Sunday one of our instructors sends out this message "It’s letter day Sunday! If you or someone you know could use a pick me up or encouragement just comment or PM me and I will send them some snail mail." Who doesn't love to receive snail mail?! Or how about when a friend or coworker brings you your favorite drink on a hot day for no other reason then the person wanted to make you smile!? Pure kindness comes in small gestures that can have big impacts, especially during difficult times. Check out more journal prompts on our creative classroom page.

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