Art Prompt: Paper Bag Cave Painting

This project has four steps, all of which are good fun! Step one: paint your “cave” (a brown paper bag cut open with torn edges) with symbols and stories. Think hands, arrows, animals, spirals. Use a dark paint- black, red, navy. Step two: when the paint dries, spend time crinkling your paper. Wad it up in a ball and play catch with it. You can’t overdo this step! Step three: use a crayon with its wrapper removed to lightly add a little bit of color on the top of the folds. Step four: for the final touch, add some light splatters of paint for added texture and “age.” If you’re in need of cave art inspiration, check out the caves of #lascaux! For more art activities, visit our Creative Classroom. Link in bio. #caveartprojects #artactivitiesforkids #diycaveart #create #artmatters #communityart #prairieartscenter #stillwaterok #brownbagart #artprompts #creativeclassroom

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