Beginning Acrylic Painting with Mark Crow - Thursdays

Looking for a beginner's painting project? Join instructor Mark Crow in crafting a beautiful winter landscape. You'll learn to paint loosely while still maintaining a semi-realistic appearance. Plus, it's sure to be a fun time! Gift your final painting to a loved one or display it in your own home as a cherished piece of art.

Instructor’s name:
Mark Crow has been an artist for 30 years. He paints portraits, landscapes and old buildings. He also enjoys painting scenes from sci-fi movies. Mark's classes are always filled with humor, laughter, and the freedom to play!

Course Type:
Four-week class

Class time:

Thursday, January 11th - February 1st, 3pm - 5pm or  6pm - 8pm

Ages: 15 and up

Supplies Included

To RSVP please fill out our registration form here or call us at 405-744-1535.  
Mark Crow Begining Painting