Virtual Summer Art Camp - Art and the Ologies

This year's summer camps are a playful pairing of art and the ologies! Together, we will explore the many ways artwork illustrates, aids, and even creates human understanding in fields as diverse as psychology, mythology, marine biology, and entomology. Each week we will take our inspiration from two fields of study, creating works that express and celebrate our expanding knowledge!

This summer. in order to keep both students and staff safe as we slowly reopen the center, we have decided to offer our summer camp sessions virtually. With the aim of providing a sense of community and shared space similar to our traditional camps, they will take place in a synchronous learning environment. In other words, a live, real-time classroom with other students and an instructor on Zoom. Students will meet from 9:30-10:30 each morning for instruction and discussion. From 10:30-11:30, the instructor will remain available on the Zoom platform while students are free to take a break, have a snack, and finish up their project. Students will be able to check in with the instructor at any time during this break for guidance, company, or conversation. From 11:30-12, the class will once again meet all together, this time sharing their work and discussing the experience. A supply list will be provided ahead of time. In order to keep it simple and affordable, we will be sticking with two dimensional works using pencil, pen, markers, watercolors, collage materials, glue, and scissors. For the older students, there will be an emphasis on skill-based instruction.

Art educator Jen Johnson holds an undergraduate degree in art history and English literature from the University of Kansas, as well as an MAT (Masters in the Art of Teaching) from the English Department at the University of Montana. In her own practice, Jen is equally invested in understanding the larger world through her interactions with the art objects of others and the making of her own art objects. Jen considers her greatest strengths as an educator to be the facilitation of reflective and critical conversations about art and art making, as well as the creation of safe environments for authentic explorations into the practices of self-expression and making. Her preferred mediums are mixed media, printmaking, and photography, but she enjoys the act of creation no matter the medium and considers it one of her greatest joys to make art alongside others.

Psychology and Mythology
June 2nd- 5th, 6-9 yrs old
June 9th- 12th, 10-12 yrs old
Come join us as we explore how art helps us understand the very essence of being human! We will create self portraits, mythological character illustrations, masks, and mind maps, all while learning about our amazingly complex brains and our love of stories.

Marine Biology and Oceanology
June 16th- 19th, 6-9 yrs old
June 23rd- 26th, 10-12 yrs old
We will go deep during these two weeks, exploring earth's most mysterious habitat. We will create sea creature puppets based on deep sea drone photographs, listen to whale sonar, and map the ocean zones.

Entomology and Botany.
July 14th - 17th, 6-9 yrs old
July 21st- 24th, 10-12 yrs old
Join us this week as we transform the beauty and delicacy of the insect and plant world into beautiful artworks! We will learn about the bugs and plants in our own backyard, have artist scavenger hunts, and imagine a new bug into being. 

Class Time
Tuesday -  Friday
9:30am - 10:30am morning instruction and discussion
10:30am - 11:30, take a break, finish the project, the instructor will stay on zoom for additional assistance.
11:30am - 12:00pm meet all together and share work.

$30.00members, $50.00 non-members


To RSVP please fill out our registration form here or call us at 405-744-1535.